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My way of dealing with software and systems (houses, commercial buildings, appliances, other things...) is to strip it down pretty much to the frame and then rebuild from there. I've been ripping things out of Drupal for about as long as I've been hammering them in for this project.

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New Laptop Bag. Humping MOLLE.
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Few things irritate me more than buying new footwear (which happened two weeks ago). Buying a new pack is one of them.

My last pack failed in The Zipper Zone and instantly became worthless. I kludged it, knowing it'd last a month at the outside, with more zipper tweeks along the way. Don't need the hassle and I certainly don't need to be leaking gear (think, power-charging stuff and cables) which I already do with a perfectly functioning pack, to get a new one.

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Huh. That works. Nobody more surprised...
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This excursion started with having to relearn Drupal, and learning Bootstrap 3, and then learning how they work Together. That has proven to be most interesting in the extreme.


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Reboot ... This thing on? Is it working?
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No, Really. I think I have it this time.

<Hammer Clanging>
This looks about right.
<Lights Dynamite Fuse From Cigar>

... Almost There. Hang on.

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