Fixing "Image" Thing

I'll just Save thi... <*BOOM*>
[ Broken Glass ]

<Roaring Laughter>


So after actually sitting down and finally writing The Article On , a misconfiguration in CKEditor and/or Media Library and/or Multiple Uploads and those moving parts (I'm assuming) or a bug (less likely but possible) wiped it out. Yep, an hour and some change vanished and went to Bit Valhalla.

I've seen the behavior once before so I've got two data-points.

So the "Main" images in these articles are actually a completely separate field from the body of the content and then I use some Bootstrap and custom classes to position it. For WordPress people: I've made it like , because it's really convenient, right? That works actually so very much better than I had any right to think it would, was something I could not easily carry out in WordPress Themes (including the Bad Ass builder Julie uses), and happens to be the visual layout I've been wanting since all this shit was sitting over at Toaster.

The problem seems to be in just tossing an image on to the page through CKEditor, Through the Media Library, AFTER you upload the image as a part of a seemingly normal process, like the screenshots I took for the article. I think all three of those are factors, but may be only the first two.

The Symptom Is: when the article is saved, and the page is rendered, only the word "False" is displayed in the content body...That's It. That's all. All the Other Things that were there, like words, are gone. Source says "False" and doesn't even bother with the <p> tags.


CKEditor looks nothing like this anymore after the upgrade to 4.someting.something. That fixed two problems.

I actually did that, well, I needed them for the article, but I only have a few ideas for images "In The Article" but hadn't settled on anything yet and was going to fiddle with things until something presented itself as interesting if not viable. I hadn't tested those moving parts together before committing them to Actual Use, so, you know, nobody to blame but myself.

I'll figure it out and fix it in a bit, and move this to an Article of its own.

Update: This would be the New Article.

Update: I fixed the problem. How to fix the problem is a completely new article for some other day. It was a configuration problem AND a bug! And also just CKEditor being the pain in the ass that it can be...especially in Drupal.