New Laptop Bag.

Humping MOLLE.
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Few things irritate me more than buying new footwear (which happened two weeks ago). Buying a new pack is one of them.

My last pack failed in The Zipper Zone and instantly became worthless. I kludged it, knowing it'd last a month at the outside, with more zipper tweeks along the way. Don't need the hassle and I certainly don't need to be leaking gear (think, power-charging stuff and cables) which I already do with a perfectly functioning pack, to get a new one.



  • Capable of Easily carrying 1+ Liters of $Beverage. Traditionally this has been a One-Liter Nalgine. The last bag swalowed a 1L, and happily contained a 1.5L Nalgene. On Each Side.
  • Laptop. My favorite carrys right now are my X131s. Ultimately disposable (backups/clones) but take a hell of a beating <this doesn't mean I want them taking a beating>. They're kind of small at 13" and some change. The last bag was for a 17", so, I could fit a VW Bug in it, with my laptop. I might want to carry one of my T61s at 15".
  • Tablet. You can have my tablet when you pry it from my cold, dead, fingers. My Droid and BT Keyboard are all I should ultimately need to get through a day unless Imma' mighty busy (which, lately, is most of the time which is why I need a damned LapTop Bag).
  • Water Resistant. I'm not spending $300 on a Thule-ish "Bucket On Your Back" for Water Proofedness around Greater Seattle. When I jacked the zipper (yes it was me, you thought otherwise?) on the last bag, I fell back to a Very Old Bag. It's a WiReD (Ventures, orange logo) branded Timbuk2 from 1996. It is a messenger bag, from San Francisco, from Timbuk2 in 1996. It has Zero place for carrying electronics and small parts or tools around Seattle. No zipper things to keep things in, and I'm afraid it'd fill with water, not shed it.
  • Zippered pockets, for keys and tools and things that don't specifically require protection. Not many, but a few. I'm a Place For Everything kinda' person so: Small Tools pocket, Personal Crap (contact lense case and juice, comb), Vaping Crap, "Parts" (Assorted).

What I got:

  • I'm trying something new (it happens) and going with a CamelBack scheme, because all the other requirements fit. Also, it can hold Two Liters! I'm unsure of this as it puts a large-ish plastic disk between my shoulder blades. Two Liters. I can get two of these bladders for the cost of a good Nalgene. Now, I can destroy a Nalgene on my person, so this WaterSkin Tech will have to prove itself.
  • Laptop + Assundries: Fit.
  • Tablet: Nifty Pocket for Same! Like After-Purchase "Ooooooo". There is another that works, but it is Sub-Optimal.
  • Water Resistant-ish: Check-ish. We'll see. [I have an item from Osprey that makes this a moot point.]
  • Pockets: Check. MOLLE can fill in any gaps. [... but I have problems with MOLLE, of course I do***].