Reality Sets In.

When you suddenly know ...
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My way of dealing with software and systems (houses, commercial buildings, appliances, other things...) is to strip it down pretty much to the frame and then rebuild from there. I've been ripping things out of Drupal for about as long as I've been hammering them in for this project.

Items of note: the Blog module got shot because the Article content type was superior to build from. I'm desperately trying to build this site with pretty much just Bootstrap, Views, and a shitload of Conent Types and some clever classes. As appealing as Display Manager and Panels are, I'm going to try and lean more heavily on just Bootstrap to do heavy lifting.

I do wish someone would have taken me aside at some point and said: "Content Types are your Friend. Make Lots! Damn The Torpedos, that's a New Content Type!". This epiphany has the additional bonus of getting me thinking about something I really miss from Tumblr: It's Post Types, and kind of how easy they were to use. Specifically the ones I liked were "Quote" and "Chat". Turns out, replicating that is Absolutely Trivial. <Squeeeeee>.

I spend a lot of time in Coffee Shops and so "Overheards" (Quote) is Super Useful as a one-off, kind of like a tweet, but with an Author Credit field-ish. Next would be "Conversation which is an extension of the above, just with two people in parley/banter, this type of content would be super useful in my wee world. And my little friend Views makes that, well everyting in Views is fucking tedious, so not "easy" per-se, but very do-able.

I've generally had a pretty good idea of what I wanted, an now I think I know enough to do it, and to fill in the gaps of what I don't know yet, but think I might need to.


Photo and video, and audio now that I think about it, hmmmmm. I don't have any players installed and I haven't made sure embedding works even at all, let alone correctly.