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October 2020

Doing something …

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Avada is Too Much.

Trying something on my other Other Dev site.

But first I gotta figure out which Fedi Plugin actually worked and I fear that it took a hack to get a dependency working and That I fear I’ve forgotton howw to do.

May 2020

January 2020

Ah, my web site.

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My vanity domain, elfLand(.me), is really for EMail, and so I tend to break my WebSite frequently and often.

65,535 TCP ports, and just as many UDP Ports, I really don’t care all that much about HTTP(s) despite the fact The Web puts food on my table; I find it unamusing. It’s expected I have some sort of Visual Presence.

[The Roofer’s roof leaks, the cobbler’s children have no shoes.] So here we are.

The Original plan was to use Drupal 7 (because Drupal 8 wasn’t done baking and the modules weren’t where they needed to be to do the things I wanted to do). So, I taught myself Drupal 7 and BootStrap 3.x (and they all come with a very high learning curve, Drupal is well known for the highest curve of CMS Land). This took more than a year. Well, about 6/4 of the way through this, Drupal 8 got itself together and so I went and learned that, but there’s a catch; Soon enough the Bootstrap module is going to flip to BootStrap 4 (somewhat late to the game, even Twitter updated to BootStrap 4 over Christmas 2019, buggers changing the UI).

I’ve got other things to do that […]

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