Seoul floods: At least seven dead amid heaviest rain in decades

BBC World News - 43 min 36 sec ago
Several parts of the city saw the highest rate of rainfall in 80 years, say weather officials.
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Snapchat's new parental controls try to mimic real-life parenting, minus the hovering

NPR - 59 min 57 sec ago

Snapchat's Family Center lets parents see whom their teen is contacting, but not their messages. Parents can also confidentially report accounts that concern them, without their child's knowledge.

(Image credit: Elva Etienne/Getty Images)

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US doctor issues warning of many undiagnosed polio cases

BBC World News - 3 hours 1 min ago
The New York State medic says there could be hundreds, or even thousands, of infected people there.
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Panama Canal grapples with climate change threat

BBC World News - 4 hours 25 sec ago
Changes in rainfall and weather patterns are making the Panama Canal's operation more challenging.
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Afghanistan: The Taliban sniper now working behind a desk

BBC World News - 4 hours 3 min ago
A year after the Taliban took over Afghanistan, the BBC returns to see how people's lives have changed.
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China-Taiwan: What we learned from Beijing's drills around the island

BBC World News - 4 hours 7 min ago
Beijing redefines what is "acceptable" even as Taiwanese attitudes appear to be hardening further.
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Sania Khan: She TikToked her divorce, then her husband killed her

BBC World News - 4 hours 9 min ago
Feeling stigmatised after her divorce, Sania Khan found community on TikTok - then her ex returned.
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Kenya elections 2022: Raila Odinga and William Ruto in tight race for president

BBC World News - 4 hours 14 min ago
Voters have to decide which candidate offers the best chance for growth and social protection.
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Trump says FBI has raided his Florida home, Mar-a-Lago

BBC World News - 4 hours 39 min ago
The former US president says his Palm Beach resort is being "occupied by a large group of FBI agents".
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Trump says FBI agents raided his Mar-a-lago home in Florida

NPR - 5 hours 19 min ago
Former President Donald Trump said on Monday that the FBI raided his Mar-a-lago estate in Palm Beach, Fla.

Former President Trump said in a statement through his political action committee that FBI agents executed an "unannounced raid" at his home in South Florida on Monday.

(Image credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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Bolivia's 'death road' becomes wildlife haven

BBC World News - 5 hours 43 min ago
Wildlife and greenery have flourished on the infamous route linking Bolivia's capital with the Amazon rainforest.
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China housing crisis: The people living in unfinished apartments

BBC World News - 6 hours 7 sec ago
China’s massive economy is being threatened by a crisis in the real estate market. As developers spiral into debt, some people have decided to move into unfinished apartments.
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In Kenya, promises of marijuana paradise electrify the electorate

NPR - 6 hours 3 min ago
Kenyan presidential candidate George Wajackoyah on the campaign trail in Kenya on Aug. 5.

One of Kenya's presidential candidates is promising to legalize weed. His long-shot campaign has entertained, but it might also mark a different kind of politics for the East African nation.

(Image credit: Nickolai Hammar/NPR)

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Two sisters fight for Vietnam's independence

NPR - 6 hours 4 min ago
Grand Central Publishing

The novel Bronze Drum explores the legend of the sisters' rebellion against Chinese rule and the idea of collective memory as resistance.

(Image credit: Grand Central Publishing)

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Fiona the Hippo gets a little brother

NPR - 7 hours 38 min ago
The baby calf and mother Bibi are healthy, and the zoo says they are "inseparable."

Fiona the Hippo got a baby brother last week. Her 23-year-old mom gave birth to a healthy calf, who has not been named yet.

(Image credit: Cincinnati Zoo)

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Election issues in this Arizona county provide fodder for both political parties

NPR - 7 hours 43 min ago
Pinal County Attorney Kent Volkmer listens to complaints while addressing Election Day ballot shortages in the county.

Last week's primary in Pinal County was marred by ballot issues, giving both Republicans and Democrats opportunity to push their respective narratives about election administration.

(Image credit: Matt York/AP)

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Inside a TV news station determined to report facts in the Taliban's Afghanistan

NPR - 8 hours 1 min ago

Once a mortal threat, the Taliban have let Afghanistan's leading news channel stand. But every day is a struggle for the journalists who still work there.

(Image credit: Claire Harbage/NPR)

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Ahmaud Arbery: Three sentenced for hate crimes over jogger's murder

BBC World News - 8 hours 44 min ago
The men - who are already serving life sentences for murder - are given additional federal sentences.
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1980s pop goddess Olivia Newton-John has died at age 73

NPR - 8 hours 50 min ago

English-Australian singer, songwriter and actress Olivia Newton-John has died at age 73. She was one of the the biggest pop stars in the 1970's and early 1980's.

(Image credit: Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images)

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Russia halts US inspections of nuclear arsenal under New START treaty

BBC World News - 8 hours 58 min ago
Russia "temporarily" suspends nuclear warhead inspections under the New START treaty with the US.
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