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Wed, 09/27/2023 - 18:01

hasn't been updated since June of last year ... and it wasn't well received by the community.. has a "shim" that sort of works-ish to work with . My config doesn't like it at all and I don't use composer if I can avoid it.

Bee's last commit was two days ago.

I think the choice is clear.

And most of the commands are the same as Drush's, so my learning curve is minimal.

This'll do just fine.

<p>Timbuk3 : Future&#39;s So Bright ...

Wed, 09/27/2023 - 17:23

Timbuk3 : Future's So Bright ...

You're welcome.

Edit: *Forgot Link*

<p>Bee works pretty good.</p

Wed, 09/27/2023 - 17:08

Bee works pretty good.

<p>Bah. Issues with new server, <a href

Wed, 09/27/2023 - 14:16

Bah. Issues with new server, (which works flawlessly) and Drush (latest compatible version is 8.4.10). I guess there's Brush and Bee, but if I recall from last year (heh, wouldn't count on it) they weren't done baking.

Guess we're gonna' find out.

Meanwhile, wp-cli just works as usual, adding insult to injury.

<p>Makes one of us.</p

Tue, 09/26/2023 - 23:10

Makes one of us.

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Tue, 09/26/2023 - 23:10


Oh, I see.

I remember when Google was a dozen kids above a used bookstore on the 500 block of University Ave in Palo Alto. (Was on the way to my favorite cafe in Palo.)

Now Sergie and Larry have "Lost The Way" and I notice nobody had used "Don't Be Evil" lately.

Wonder why?

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Tue, 09/26/2023 - 20:27

@juliewebgirl And there's more.

E: "So you know about the costume shop..."

*TOTALLY cuts me off*

A: "That used to there where there's a pile of rubble today and buildings yesterday? Moved up the block on the right? I was just there.

E: "So I guess you know Kira?"

A: "You know Kira? Ok you're cool."

E: "I was going to say same about you."

*New Barista Walks By Confused.*

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Tue, 09/26/2023 - 20:22

And THEN the owner walked up. Late 20s, SteamPunk (and a skirt, identifies as he/him, prefers skirts over kilts). And his hip bag was to kill for (leather/Steam). I introduced myself, same, and asked, "This is your car, isn't it?"

Alex: "Yes. I'm guessing you like the sticker.:

Elf: "I don't like it, it's literally the best sticker I've seen this year, I Love it. "

A: "I'm glad you're smiling."

E: Made my whole day mate. Thanks!

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Tue, 09/26/2023 - 20:19

@juliewebgirl Nope, I'm cooked. Bumper Sticker walking through parking lot. Wiping tears of joy away.

"Everything was fine until I found the dead clown in my trunk."

<p>Dad, Mom, two daughters come in to

Tue, 09/26/2023 - 11:48

Dad, Mom, two daughters come in to coffee shop.

Dad is STRAIGHT ROCKING the sparkly Hello Kitty backpack, proudly, like a Boss.

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Mon, 09/25/2023 - 22:04

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<p>Starbucks playing Marley. Time to go

Mon, 09/25/2023 - 19:17

Starbucks playing Marley. Time to go.

<p>I&#39;m all for Trump owning a

Mon, 09/25/2023 - 16:47

I'm all for Trump owning a firearm. The likelyhood of doing something stupid and injuring himself is about 95%. This gives me joy.

*Also he still has SecService and doesn't Need a firearm.

<p>I would like to be in the same room

Mon, 09/25/2023 - 16:22

I would like to be in the same room with a bot net criminal (Today is NorK and China...on a Monday ... the hell?)

With a ball point pen.

<p>Taught the new security guard how to

Sun, 09/24/2023 - 15:43

Taught the new security guard how to get around Seattle.

How to Memorize Seattle Streets, JCMSUP

<p>Dumb fucking installers left the

Fri, 09/22/2023 - 22:08

Dumb fucking installers left the TelCo box open.

Guess I'll close and lock it myself.

<p>Quick! Name that tune.</p

Fri, 09/22/2023 - 18:14

Quick! Name that tune.

<p>A bibliophile friend (I have many)

Fri, 09/22/2023 - 14:40

A bibliophile friend (I have many) came to the cafe to show me Anna's Archive today. It opened a few months ago but hadn't crossed my desk yet. There's some great stuff in here. Including some thin gs I can't find at certain Torrent Indexers *cough cough*.

And so in return, I showed him Calibre, since he's mostly Mac and a Kindle, this should work great for him.

I'm excited about Anna's Archive but if I go diving right now, I'll get nothing else done today.

<p>Ok, that&#39;s pretty damned cool.<

Fri, 09/22/2023 - 14:10

Ok, that's pretty damned cool.

Mutant worms engineered with spider genes spin silk six times tougher than bulletproof Kevlar | Boing Boing

<p>SURPRISE!!!</p><p>The vast majority

Fri, 09/22/2023 - 13:49


The vast majority of NFTs are now worthless, new report shows | Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) | The Guardian