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<p>Wait, a &quot;Slightly Used&quot; F

Fri, 03/31/2023 - 20:47

Wait, a "Slightly Used" F-4 Phantom is only $2.9 Million USD?

Squeeeeee! I found one for $1.5 Million. [Ok the engines are being overhauled, but everything else is 0-Time Refurbished. No weapon systems tho, *sigh*.]

I'd paint it like DeadMau5's Nyan-Cat Lamborghini, and get those Uber and Lyft lit signs every Prius around here seems to have, and do Mach+ flights up and down the coast.

It's an F-4 so plenty of hard-points to strap deliveries on to (itty-bitty Drop Tanks!!!).

<p>Site: What&#39;s your twitter?</p><p

Fri, 03/31/2023 - 20:26

Site: What's your twitter?

Elf: Got booted years ago.

Site: What's your Facebook?

Elf: I use nothing from Meta.

Site: What's your LinkedIn?

Elf: Got no clue. I check it twice-a-year to make sure some of my old workmates are still alive.
... Is there a box for Mastodon?

Site: Whut?

Elf: How about my broken-assed website?

Site: I really wouldn't know ...

Elf: Your engineers are dumb.

There really should be a box "Other Site" when you're filling out a Profile that wants to know your URLs.

<p>Dear Dutch,<br />I live in <a href=

Fri, 03/31/2023 - 19:33

Dear Dutch,
I live in and builds over everything (including farmland) here too.
We feel your pain, and we're sending a fruit basket to welcome you to the club.

<p>*Sigh*</p><p>Out of tea (and the

Fri, 03/31/2023 - 18:56


Out of tea (and the last swallows are room temperature anyway).

This means I have to go downstairs.

I left all the window blinds up when it was nice yesterday to air the house out.

This means I need to put on pants.

How droll.

<p>Because someone made fun of it (it&

Fri, 03/31/2023 - 18:47

Because someone made fun of it (it's a Kick Trump today, which is Good and Proper™) ... What the hell is it with Donald Trump and fucking McDonalds???

Let's talk about food at the White House. Now, if *I* were President, there would be some remodeling, most notably the addition of "The Dining Office" which is like The Oval Office, but closer to the kitchen. All work would be done from TDO.

Seriously ... A platoon of U.S.M.C. Force Recon couldn't drag me to a fast food place, especially McD's.

<p>Goddamnit Canada, the U.S. is a

Fri, 03/31/2023 - 17:36

Goddamnit Canada, the U.S. is a handbook of what Not to do with TelCo.


Canada’s approval of major telecoms takeover condemned as ‘dark day’

<p>Trying to watch a video, from my

Fri, 03/31/2023 - 14:21

Trying to watch a video, from my feed here on Mastodon and the player stalled I think giving me this Lovely
Time Elapsed says 00:00, which is technically correct I suppose, Total Time tho ...

<p>I have this line in a Notes Widget

Fri, 03/31/2023 - 13:04

I have this line in a Notes Widget on my desktop. Super handy sometimes.

Useful Symbols: ™ ® © 🄯 ° µ ⏻ ⏼ ☕ ⛾ ▢ ▣ ♪ ♫ ♬

<p>Because 78% of Americans are fucking

Fri, 03/31/2023 - 13:02

Because 78% of Americans are fucking stupid, Low Information Consumers™, and have no idea what the hell is going on. And 90% of those fools will log on to Facebook today.

Washington CNN —
Half of Americans support a US government ban on TikTok, while 22% oppose the idea and more than a quarter are unsure, according to a Pew Research Center survey released Friday.

<p>&quot;He&#39;s going to be arrested,

Fri, 03/31/2023 - 12:42

"He's going to be arrested, fingerprinted, read his Maranda Rights ... imagine his surprise when he finds out he had the right to remain silent."
-- Jimmy Kemmel 😂

<p>The <a href="

Fri, 03/31/2023 - 12:31

The is always worth a laugh (Malicious Compliance being a specialty), and the is jumping in on this one.

<p>I have Zero love for <a href="https:

Fri, 03/31/2023 - 12:27

I have Zero love for (get me drunk and ask me about Copyright Law ... or better yet, don't), but watching them slap around DeSantis is pretty goddamned funny.

<p>Taking us to the stars to look at

Fri, 03/31/2023 - 12:02

Taking us to the stars to look at the ground.

Virginia Norwood, a pioneer in land , dies at age 96

<p>Awww man. About this time last year,

Fri, 03/31/2023 - 11:36

Awww man. About this time last year, during Russia shelling, they managed to destroy THE (singular) Antonov An-225 Mriya cargo plane that was parked near Kiev.

(Oddly, that's going to piss off a lot of oil drilling companies.)

<p>Aha! Somehow it &quot;lost&quot; it&

Fri, 03/31/2023 - 11:23

Aha! Somehow it "lost" it's token. All better now.

(I am too lazy to copy and paste.)

<p>Ok, let&#39;s see if the browser

Fri, 03/31/2023 - 11:21

Ok, let's see if the browser plugin to "Click + Share" to Mastodon works again.

xkcd: Qualifications

<p>Did their Intellectual Property

Fri, 03/31/2023 - 10:52

Did their Intellectual Property Attorney actually pass the Bar?
(Of course if I were an attorney, taking loads of cash from a major sports league would be fine under any circumstances.)

MLB Tries To Trademark 3 City Names, Runs Away After Law Profs School Them

<p>Hot <a href="

Fri, 03/31/2023 - 10:16

Hot and cold , breakfast of champions.