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Updated: 2 min 7 sec ago

We've reached another climate tipping point on energy investment: Green power is in

6 min ago
2022 is the first year on record that global low-carbon investments matched fossil fuel funding, says BloombergNEF

The world has reached a major tipping point in the transition from fossil fuels to low-carbon energy: 2022 was the first year global investments in low-carbon technologies matched spending on the fossil fuel industry.…

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US ban on China chip exports rebounds, causes 2,700 American job losses

13 min 3 sec ago
California-based chipmaking kit-maker Lam hit by DRAM decline, inability to export to Middle Kingdom

The Biden administration's policy of restricting Chinese chip makers from accessing vital manufacturing equipment has caused damage at home, with California-based wafer fabrication equipment supplier Lam Research announcing it would layoff 1,300 employees, or about seven percent of its global workforce, as the company prepares for billions in lost revenues during the 2023 fiscal year.…

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Disaster recovery blunder broke New York Stock Exchange this week

1 hour 9 min ago
The irony, it burns

On Tuesday, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) failed to open properly, disrupting and invalidating auction trading for more than 250 securities.…

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Musk: Tesla's doing great. I mean, have you seen my Twitter follower count?

2 hours 5 min ago
Elon conflates 'popularity' on unrelated platform with successful year for EV maker

Never mind the headlines. 2022 was Tesla's best year ever, Elon Musk claimed in the automaker's Q4 2022 earnings call this week.…

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How to shave years off the journey from military lab to real-world use

3 hours 7 min ago
DARPA's Blake Bextine talks us through taking inventions commercial

Interview  You've heard of some of the world-altering technologies that have come out of the US Department of Defense's Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, because you might not be reading this otherwise.…

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Smart ovens do really dumb stuff to check for Wi-Fi

3 hours 39 min ago
Pinging search services in the US, China, Russia perhaps not ideal for privacy

This just in: smart appliances are still not a bright idea for those who care about privacy.…

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FBI smokes ransomware Hive after secretly buzzing around gang's network for months

4 hours 36 min ago
Uncle Sam doles out decryption keys to 300+ victims after sting op

The FBI said it has shut down the Hive's ransomware network, seizing control of the notorious gang's servers and websites, and thwarting the pesky criminals' ability to sting future victims.…

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VMwhat? Dell snaps up Cloudify for multi-cloud orchestration

5 hours 56 min ago
Intriguing move – just look at the software companies it has ditched...

Dell is reportedly buying cloud orchestration company Cloudify for an estimated $100 million to give its own cloud services biz a shot in the arm and appeal more to organizations investing in DevOps.…

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Aviation overhaul bill passes US House... for the third time

7 hours 3 min ago
Maybe it'll be different this year as clamors of 'I told you so' accompany the proposal

The US House of Representatives has voted overwhelmingly to advance a bill that would create a task force to improve the Notice to Air Missions (NOTAM) system that was at the heart of the nationwide flight grounding earlier this month.…

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Automotive industry is driving revenue for at least one chip company: STMicroelectronics

8 hours 4 min ago
Look, a semiconductor manufacturer that isn't whining about weak demand

Chipmaker STMicroelectronics appears to be bucking the industry trend by beating analyst expectations and delivering revenues towards the upper end of guidance, driven by demand from the automotive and industrial segments, the company said.…

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Broadcom's $61b VMWare merger faces another hurdle: UK's competition watchdog

8 hours 51 min ago
Nobody expects the British Inquisition. (This is a joke. Everybody expected it)

A month after the EU decided to stick a probe into semiconductor manufacturer Broadcom's proposed buy of virtualization juggernaut VMware, the UK has said it will do the same.…

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Memory safety is the new black, fashionable and fit for any occasion

10 hours 6 min ago
Calls to avoid C/C++ and embrace Rust grow louder

Memory safety, a longstanding concern among serious software developers, has finally met with mainstream stardom.…

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Google gives in to India Android antitrust verdict, kinda

10 hours 37 min ago
Tech behemoth says it will appeal 'certain aspects' of the decision

Google appears to be ready to abide by an Indian court's antitrust verdict that it was exploiting its dominant position on Android, and will allow OEMs to license individual apps for pre-installation on devices and let users select their own default search engine.…

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SAP is culling 3,000 jobs from CRM business and its results weren't even that bad

11 hours 35 min ago
'Targeted restructuring' could have been worse, analyst points out

SAP is targeting its CRM business with 3,000 job cuts despite full year 2022 revenue of €30.9 billion, up 11 percent.…

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Space mining startup prepping to launch 'demo' refinery... this April

12 hours 39 min ago
Last (failed) attempts at such an endeavor happened a decade ago, but AstroForge thinks it can do better

Cast your mind back to the year 2012 and you might stumble upon a very similar story, but this isn't a flashback: There's a new startup in town that wants to mine asteroids, and this one claims to be ahead of the game.…

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UK govt Matrix has unenviable task of consolidating several different ERP systems

13 hours 34 min ago
Software to support 46,000 users as group part of £900m program to simplify central government back end

The UK government has kicked off procurement of an ERP system for eight Whitehall departments which consolidates nine different software systems – a project potentially more complex than a snake's wedding.…

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Tech job bloodbath comes to IBM, CFO links layoffs to Kyndryl, Watson Health

14 hours 10 min ago
Human Capital leaves the building

IBM is the latest tech company to jump on the layoff bandwagon, with news it would reduce its workforce by around 3,900.…

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Techies ask PM to 'prepare UK chip strategy as a matter of urgency'

15 hours 37 min ago
Yeah, and make it something better than just asking Arm to dual-list in London...

Tech industry luminaries have politely asked the UK Prime Minister to pull his finger out when it comes to delivering a strategy for the future of the UK semiconductor sector, or it may not have one at all.…

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Lockheed Martin demos 50kW anti-aircraft frickin' laser beam

16 hours 40 min ago
Looks like a reboot of SWIV

Lockheed Martin this week showed that a 50kW laser being developed for air defense scenarios can be turned on to create a coherent beam, a milestone the defense giant calls "first light."…

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Bloke allegedly stole, sold private info belonging to 'tens of millions' globally

Wed, 01/25/2023 - 23:34
If true, was it worth the $500k and prison jumpsuit?

A man suspected of stealing personal data belonging to tens of millions of people worldwide and selling that info on cybercrime forums has been arrested by Dutch police.…

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