‘So much love’: Heat star Jimmy Butler set to play after cheering up young fan

San Jose Mercury - 6 hours 43 min ago

Heat star Jimmy Butler went viral after Miami’s game against Boston on Tuesday, but not for anything he did during a game.

A 12-year-old Argentinian fan, who held up a sign saying he traveled more than 4,400 miles to see Butler play against the Celtics on Tuesday, was caught on video crestfallen upon learning the veteran forward was scratched from the game with lower-back tightness.

“Honestly, I was devastated,” Butler said Thursday. “I don’t want to miss games. I don’t.”

But the Heat quickly turned Felipe’s frown upside down. The team brought him onto the court at halftime, and he took a picture with forward Gabe Vincent. The team also gave him a signed Butler jersey and other merchandise. After the game, Butler met with Felipe and his family.

“It was great, man,” Butler said. “Felipe and his sister, Zoe — it’s incredible to know that I have fans like that around the world that’ll fly 4,405 miles to watch me shoot a basketball. So much love, and I’m glad I could put a smile to their faces.”

Butler said he enjoyed getting to spend some time with the young fan and his family.

“He’s a huge basketball fan,” Butler said. “He plays basketball, himself. He actually does everything. He skateboards, he surfs, he’s an incredible kid. So I’m glad we can spend some time together.”

For his part, Vincent said he did not know about Felipe’s circumstances at the time. He just saw a child crying on the court and wanted to try to cheer him up.

“It was great,” Vincent said. “I honestly didn’t know what was going on. I just saw him on the court. I saw him in tears, crying. I didn’t know if it was tears of joy or tears of sadness, so I just stepped in, asked them if they wanted to take a photo, and took a flick and found everything out later on after the game.”

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said the series of events shows that Butler and the other Heat players know how important the fans are to the team.

“That is cool because our guys and Jimmy, they understand what drives this business, and that’s the fan and people really enjoying players competing, playing at a high level, things that they can’t do,” Spoelstra said. “That was a very genuine moment. And Jimmy as a late scratch — this is not one of these load management things. He physically couldn’t go. He was doing everything he possibly could to get out there and then all of a sudden, found out about that, and he was going to — one way or another — make a lifelong experience and memory for the kid and the family.”

Any other fans traveling long distances to see Butler, who has missed 15 games this season, play against Orlando on Friday are in luck. Butler said his back felt better and he would be in the lineup against the Magic.

“I’m much better,” Butler said. “I’m playing tomorrow. That’s all that matters. And I’ll be ready to go for the long haul.”


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FDA declines to regulate CBD; calls on Congress for fix

Seattle Times - 6 hours 44 min ago

The Food and Drug Administration says there are too many unknowns about CBD products to regulate them as foods or supplements.
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Fireball Maker Sued Over Bottles That Don’t Contain Whisky

N.Y. Times - 6 hours 46 min ago
An Illinois woman who wanted whisky, but got a cinnamon-and-whisky-flavored malt beverage instead, has sued the maker of Fireball for fraud.
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Inside a multi-million dollar car theft ring: Newark Norteños allegedly traversed the Bay Area seeking Dodges and Jeeps to steal

San Jose Mercury - 6 hours 52 min ago

Last November, when an 18-year-old man confronted a group of people attempting to steal a Jeep parked on the 1700 block of Bush Avenue in San Pablo, one of the would-be thieves allegedly pulled out a pistol and opened fire, nonfatally striking the teen.

The near-homicide was the culmination of an increasingly violent car theft ring, based in Newark, that police allege were responsible for dozens of thefts of expensive vehicles, multiple high speed police chases, and the operation of a chop shop that placed new vehicle identification numbers on cars, re-programmed the key fobs, and sold them for cash discounts. On at least one occasion, one of the vehicles was re-stolen from a buyer, authorities say.

The group has been under investigation since last June, when police in Newark began investigating a series of car thefts believed to have been committed by the same group. They seemed to have a type: nearly all of the reported thefts were of Dodge Challengers, Dodge Chargers, or Jeep Cherokees, authorities say.

Now, four men — Alexander Echeverria, 20, Alexander Martinez, 21, Eduardo Garcia-Perez, 20, and Jose Torres Flores, 26, face charges of assault with a semi-automatic firearm in Contra Costa County, while Echeverria and Garcia-Perez face multiple felony counts related to alleged auto theft in Alameda County. In the assault case, their bail has been set at $660,000, records show.

The group was arrested last week during a series of raids, where police seized 17 cars worth an estimated $1 million — to add to the list of six other stolen vehicles recovered last year — as well as a body armor, firearm silencers, and a dozen guns. Some of the weapons and armor had been stolen from cars, authorities say.

The group was based in Newark, and police believe they’re all members or associates of a subset of the Norteño gang based on Baine Avenue there. But they allegedly travelled around the Bay Area, including San Pablo, Morgan Hill, Berkeley, Livermore, Union City, and Newark, seeking cars that met their standards.

It started June 20, when a 2018 Dodge Charger that had three guns and a ballistic vest in the trunk was reported stolen from the Newark area, police say. By July, two other cars — a 2016 Dodge Charger and a 2017 Dodge Charger — had been added to the list of car thefts tied to the group. Garcia-Perez is the suspected ringleader of the theft, and one of the vehicles contained a forged DMV registration card in the name of one of his cousins, authorities say.

Last Aug. 5, three alleged members of the car theft ring were thwarted while attempting to steal a Jeep Cherokee in Union City, but they came up with an unexpected consolation prize: inside the Jeep were keys to a Dodge Charger, which they made off with instead. The Charger contained two Airpods with a GPS sensor that indicated it had been driven to Baine Avenue in Newark, according to police.

The charger was recovered, but had major damage to its front. It had also been spray painted with a Norteño graffiti tag, police say.

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A week later, a stolen Dodge with forged paper plates — another theft police attribute to the group — sped off and evaded police on Interstate 880, when a Newark officer attempted to pull it over. Just two weeks after that, three robbers pulled up in a stolen Dodge Challenger, robbed a man of a Rolex watch in Palo Alto, and sped off. No one has been charged in that incident, but police suspect members of the same ring are responsible.

Members of the group are suspected of evading police several times, including an Oct. 27 police chase in which a 1995 Honda crashed into a guard rail on Highway 84, and three occupants exited the vehicle and ran away. Inside the car were three phones, including one that had been in contact with other car theft suspects, police say.

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San Jose $247 million lottery winner comes forward

San Jose Mercury - 7 hours 36 sec ago

The persistent and now-fortunate San Jose lottery player who won $247 million in a Mega Millions drawing in October officially came forward publicly this week, according to the California Lottery.

Edward Lojewski told lottery officials that each Friday, he would go to breakfast, see friends and head to the 7-Eleven located at 1413 Kooser Road to purchase two tickets each for that weekend’s Powerball, Mega Millions and Super Lotto Plus drawings.

On Oct. 15, that weekly ritual became a investment with an astounding return. Lojewski’s life changed in an instant.

“I watched the news and saw the winning retailer and knew that was where I bought my tickets,” Lojewski told the lottery. “As soon as I saw I matched the first two numbers, I knew I won.”

Lojewski declined to make himself available for any other media interviews.

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The jackpot that week was $494 million. Lojewski took home $247 million — before taxes — and shared the pot with another player in Florida.

The owner of the lucky store scored $1 million just for selling the winning ticket.

Lojewski says he plans to invest, take care of family and donate to charity with his winnings.

“I’m at the point in my life where I don’t need toys. I have everything I need,” he said. “I’ve been married a long time, but I love my wife more and more every day!”

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U.S. Economy Grew at 2.9% Annual Rate in Fourth Quarter

N.Y. Times - 7 hours 5 min ago
Activity at the end of last year showed the resilience of American consumers and businesses in the face of rising inflation and interest rates.
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5 Memphis cops charged with murder in Tyre Nichols’ death

San Jose Mercury - 7 hours 6 min ago

By Adrian Sainz and Rebecca Reynolds | Associated Press

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Five former Memphis police officers have been charged with second-degree murder and other crimes in the arrest and death of Tyre Nichols, a Black motorist who died three days after a confrontation with the officers during a traffic stop, records showed Thursday.

Shelby County Sheriff’s Office online records show that Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Desmond Mills, Jr., Emmitt Martin III and Justin Smith were in custody. All five are charged with second-degree murder, aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping, official misconduct and official oppression.

Defense attorney William Massey confirmed to The Associated Press that his client, Emmitt Martin III, had been charged and had turned himself in.

It was not immediately clear if Smith had a lawyer to speak on his behalf about the charges. Blake Ballin, the lawyer for Mills, said he planned to hold a news conference later Thursday.
Second-degree murder is a class A felony punishable by 15 to 60 years in prison under Tennessee law.

Nichols’ stepfather, Rodney Wells, told The Associated Press by phone that he and his wife RowVaughn Wells, who is Nichols’ mother, discussed the second-degree murder charges and are “fine with it.” They had pushed for first-degree murder charges.

“There’s other charges, so I’m all right with that,” he said.

He said he was “ecstatic” that authorities have moved quickly in the case.

Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy said he would provide an update on the state’s investigation Thursday afternoon.

Video footage of the arrest has not been made public, but officials have pledged to release it this week or next week.

The Memphis police chief has called the actions of five officers involved in the violent arrest of Nichols “heinous, reckless and inhumane” and made a plea to residents of the city to protest peacefully when video of the arrest is released to the public.

“”This is not just a professional failing. This is a failing of basic humanity toward another individual,” Memphis Police Director Cerelyn “CJ” Davis said in a video statement that was released late Wednesday on social media.

The five Black officers found to be “directly responsible for the physical abuse of Mr. Nichols,” who also was Black, were fired last week, but Davis said other officers are still being investigated for violating department policy. In addition, she said “a complete and independent review” will be conducted of the department’s specialized units, without providing further details.

As state and federal investigations continue, she promised “full and complete cooperation” from the Memphis Police Department to determine what contributed to Nichols’ death three days after his Jan. 7 arrest.

Video footage of the arrest has been shown to Nichols’ family, but has not been made public, though local officials have pledged to release it this week or next week.

Mulroy told The Associated Press on Tuesday that local and state investigators want to complete as many interviews as possible before releasing the video. The timetable has rankled some activists who expected the video to be released after Nichols’ family viewed the footage Monday.

Ben Crump, the attorney representing Nichols’ family, said police video the family viewed showed Nichols — a 29-year-old FedEx worker and father — was shocked, pepper-sprayed and restrained when he was pulled over for a traffic stop near his home. He was returning home from a suburban park, where he had taken photos of the sunset. The legal team said officers beat Nichols for three minutes in a “savage” encounter reminiscent of the infamous 1991 police beating of Los Angeles motorist Rodney King.

Relatives have accused the police of causing Nichols to have a heart attack and kidney failure. Authorities have only said Nichols experienced a medical emergency.

When video of the arrest is publicly released, Davis said she expects the community to react.

“I expect our citizens to exercise their First Amendment right to protest, to demand actions and results, but we need to ensure our community is safe in this process,” she said. “None of this is a calling card for inciting violence or destruction on our community or against our citizens.”

Davis said the fired officers’ actions aren’t a reflection of the good work that many Memphis police officers do every day and she pledged to take action to make improvements at the agency.

“It is my intent, as a proactive measure, to ensure that a complete and independent review is conducted on all of the Memphis Police Department’s specialized units and the commitment of my executive leadership to ensure that policies and procedures are adhered to in our daily encounters with the citizens we are sworn to serve,” she said.

Two fire department workers were also removed from duty over the Nichols’ arrest.

Reynolds reported from Lexington, Kentucky.

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Barr Pressed Durham to Find Flaws in the Trump Russia Investigation

N.Y. Times - 7 hours 9 min ago
The review by John Durham at one point veered into a criminal investigation related to Donald Trump himself, even as it failed to find wrongdoing in the origins of the Russia inquiry.
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Report: 49ers’ DeMeco Ryans emerges as Denver Broncos’ top candidate

San Jose Mercury - 7 hours 9 min ago

SANTA CLARA — DeMeco Ryans’ apparent next stop after presiding over the 49ers’ defense in these playoffs: the Denver Broncos.

Ryans is the leading candidate to become the Broncos’ head coach, a source told Denver’s 9News reporter Mike Klis.

Ryans interviewed for that post last Thursday as part of a Broncos’ search that still includes three former NFL head coaches: Dan Quinn, Sean Payton and Jim Caldwell.

The four other NFL teams with coaching vacancies have expressed interest in Ryans: the Houston Texans, the Arizona Cardinals, the Indianapolis Colts and the Carolina Panthers.

Ryans can not conduct further interviews with the Broncos or other teams until Jan. 30 if the 49ers win Sunday and advance to the Super Bowl. That obviously changes if they lose to the top-seeded Eagles.

Ryans is slated to meet the media before Thursday’s practice.

Asked last week how he’s balancing his time between a job search and a playoff run, Ryans responded: “Yeah, with everything that you do as a coach, you’re trying to crunch a lot of things in. You’re trying to really dissect a lot of information in a certain manner of time, so time management is a very crucial thing to have. And I know how to make the main thing the main thing and the main thing this week is the Cowboys.”

The 49ers then beat the Cowboys 19-12 in Sunday’s divisional playoffs.

Ryans, 38, is in his second season as the 49ers’ defensive coordinator, and he’s preparing for their second straight NFC Championship Game appearance, that coming Sunday at the Philadelphia Eagles. After playing 10 seasons as a linebacker with the Texans (2006-11) and the Eagles (2012-15), Ryans entered the NFL coaching ranks with the 49ers on Kyle Shanahan’s first staff in 2017 as a quality-control coach, then linebackers coach the next three seasons.

He could become the third Shanahan coordinator hired as a head coach elsewhere in as many years, following his defensive-coordinator predecessor Robert Saleh (New York Jets, 2020) and ex-offensive coordinator Mike McDaniel (Miami Dolphins, 2021).

Ryans would be the Broncos’ fourth straight first-time head coach, though the first hired under the franchise’s new ownership group of Greg Penner, Carrie Penner, Rob Walton and Condoleezza Rice. In replacing Nathaniel Hackett and joining general manager George Paton, Ryans would inherit a team that went 5-12 last season after trading for quarterback Russell Wilson, who arrived with a massive contract extension (five years, $245 million).

Ryans, on Thursday, was named the NFL’s Assistant Coach of the Year according to the Pro Football Writers of America.

The only other Niners’ assistant to win that award was Pete Carroll, as their 1995 defensive coordinator. Other PFWA honors went to the New York Giants’ Brian Daboll as Coach of The Year and the Eagles’ Howie Roseman as Executive of The Year.

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U.S. Soccer Doesn’t Expect Decision on Gregg Berhalter Until Summer

N.Y. Times - 7 hours 18 min ago
Weeks after the World Cup, two top executives have left the U.S. men’s team and Gregg Berhalter appears to be out. A full-time coach won’t be named until the summer, U.S. Soccer said.
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The Zen of Falling Over and Over in Public

N.Y. Times - 7 hours 19 min ago
There have never been as many official skateboard parks in New York City as there today. But there’s just something about an empty plaza and a distracted security guard.
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Best of the West: Eight games that will shape the stretch run for the Pac-12, MW and WCC

San Jose Mercury - 7 hours 21 min ago

With Selection Sunday just 45 days away, the Hotline has identified the most significant games for the three major conferences in the West.

At this point, there are two NCAA Tournament locks from the Pac-12 (UCLA and Arizona), two from the West Coast Conference (Gonzaga and Saint Mary’s) and one from the Mountain West (San Diego State).

A handful of teams are on varying sides of the at-large bubble, including Arizona State, Utah, USC, Colorado, Oregon, New Mexico, Boise State, Nevada and Utah State.

The following eight games will help determine not only NCAA at-large bids but also seeds for the qualifying teams.

Feb. 3: Boise State at San Diego State. The Broncos are smack on the bubble with an impressive NET ranking (No. 21) but just one Quadrant I victory. They need to beat SDSU at least once — the return game is Feb. 28 in Boise — to solidify their position.

Feb. 4: Gonzaga at Saint Mary’s. A showdown for NCAA and WCC seeding. The Gaels have a one-game lead in the conference race. Win next week, and they will be tough to catch.

Feb. 7: Nevada at New Mexico. This bubble vs. bubble matchup will be hard pressed to top the teams’ first meeting — a three-point Nevada victory in double overtime. The Lobos can’t afford to get swept.

Feb. 9: USC at Oregon. The Ducks are teetering and need to sweep the Los Angeles schools. But this duel is also critical for the Trojans and their improving resume.

Feb 18: Utah at Arizona State. Two bubble-sitters square off for the only time this season. The outcome will have implications for at-large bids and Pac-12 tournament seeding.

Feb. 25: Saint Mary’s at Gonzaga. The rematch doubles as the conference finale for both teams ahead of the WCC tournament. The No. 1 seed in Las Vegas could be on the line.

Feb. 25: San Diego State at New Mexico. The Lobos won the first game and might need a Quad I win to secure their place in the at-large field. SDSU likely will be playing for the top seed in the MW tournament.

March 4: Arizona at UCLA. No explanation necessary.

To the latest Best of the West rankings …

*** Also considered: Arizona State, Colorado, Eastern Washington, Seattle, UC Santa Barbara, Utah State and Utah Valley

(NET rankings through Wednesday)

1. UCLA (17-3/8-1 Pac-12)

Results: won at ASU 74-62, lost at Arizona 58-52
Next up: at USC (Thursday)
NET ranking: 5
Comment: The schedule softens after the trip across town with UCLA set to host the Washington and Bay Area schools and visit Oregon. Anything less than five wins out of those six games would be a surprise.

2. Arizona (17-3/6-3 Pac-12)

Results: beat USC 81-66 and UCLA 58-52
Next up: at Washington State (Thursday)
NET ranking: 11
Comment: Better Arizona versions than this have lost to lesser Washington teams than the ones the Wildcats will face on their final trip outside California.

3. Saint Mary’s (18-4/7-0 WCC)

Results: won at Pepperdine 73-44, beat Santa Clara 77-58
Next up: at BYU (Saturday)
NET ranking: 6
Comment: For those wondering what’s wrong with the Pac-12, we would like to point out that Aidan Mahaney, the superb SMC point guard, is playing in the WCC.

4. Gonzaga (17-4/6-1 WCC)

Results: lost to LMU 68-67, won at Pacific 99-90
Next up: at Portland (Saturday)
NET ranking: 12
Comment: We spot two traps games upcoming: The visit to Portland this weekend and a home date with Santa Clara next week before the showdown with Saint Mary’s.

5. San Diego State (15-4/6-1 MW)

Results: won at Colorado State 82-76 and Air Force 70-60
Next up: vs. San Jose State (Saturday)
NET ranking: 25
Comment: The flaw in SDSU’s resume: Just one Quad I victory. The strength of SDSU’s resume: No Quad II, III or IV losses.

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Results: lost at Arizona 81-66, won at ASU 77-69
Next up: vs. UCLA (Thursday)
NET ranking: 62
Comment: USC’s victory over Auburn counts as a Quad II win because of the Tigers’ current NET ranking (No. 33). The Trojans need Auburn to climb into the top 30 to get credit for a Quad I victory.

7. Boise State (16-5/6-2 MW)

Results: lost at New Mexico 81-79, beat Fresno State 63-53
Next up: vs. Colorado State (Saturday)
NET ranking: 21
Comment: Unless they stumble against CSU or Air Force, the Broncos should be no worse than one game out when they swing through San Diego late next week.

8. Utah (14-7/7-3 Pac-12)

Results: beat WSU 77-63 and Washington 86-61
Next up: at Oregon State (Thursday)
NET ranking: 48
Comment: Unseemly but true for the Utes: They need BYU to win big down the stretch in order to put lipstick on that December loss in Provo.

9. Nevada (16-5/6-2)

Results: beat New Mexico 97-94 (2OT)
Next up: at UNLV (Saturday)
NET ranking: 34
Comment: Remember the Wolf Pack’s double-digit loss at LMU? It doesn’t seem so bad now that the Lions have snapped Gonzaga’s 75-game home winning streak.

10. New Mexico (18-3/5-3)

Results: beat Boise State 81-79, lost at Nevada 97-94 (2OT)
Next up: vs. Air Force (Friday)
NET ranking: 29
Comment: The late-November victory at Saint Mary’s looks better by the week and just might be the fuel that gets the Lobos into the NCAAs.

*** Send suggestions, comments and tips (confidentiality guaranteed) to pac12hotline@bayareanewsgroup.com or call 408-920-5716

*** Follow me on Twitter: @WilnerHotline

*** Pac-12 Hotline is not endorsed or sponsored by the Pac-12 Conference, and the views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views of the Conference.


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Sale closed in Fremont: $1.7 million for a four-bedroom home

San Jose Mercury - 7 hours 23 min ago
5627 Don Way - Google Street View5627 Don Way – Google Street View

A 2,011-square-foot house built in 1962 has changed hands. The spacious property located in the 5600 block of Don Way in Fremont was sold on Dec. 21, 2022 for $1,680,000, or $835 per square foot. The property features four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a garage, and two parking spaces. The unit sits on a 7,840-square-foot lot.

Additional houses have recently been sold close by:

  • A 1,736-square-foot home on the 42800 block of Isle Royal Street in Fremont sold in July 2022 for $1,610,000, a price per square foot of $927. The home has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
  • On Tenor Court, Fremont, in November 2022, a 1,428-square-foot home was sold for $1,455,000, a price per square foot of $1,019. The home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.
  • In November 2022, a 1,581-square-foot home on Audubon Park Court in Fremont sold for $1,700,000, a price per square foot of $1,075. The home has 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.


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Warriors brass, Draymond agree Poole punch undercut leadership, but Green says he’s ready to ramp up

San Jose Mercury - 7 hours 25 min ago

SAN FRANCISCO — There’s been a lot of talk surrounding the Warriors about flipping a proverbial switch that will get their season going. There’s a belief among Golden State that the team, now at 24-24, is on the doorstep of doing just that.

But there’s an underlying issue that has hampered this team from being able to perform at the consistent level that it needs to in order to be considered a legitimate contender, and Draymond Green believes he’s a big reason why that is.

On a recent episode of The Draymond Green Show, Green took part ownership of the Warriors’ deficiencies this season when his guest, former NBA star Jamal Crawford, questioned what was going on with the defending champs who’ve yet to go on a substantial run this season.

Green said he’s been hesitant to hold his teammates accountable in the same way he has in the past. Part of that reluctance is a byproduct of his preseason altercation with teammate Jordan Poole.

“I’ve kind of had to walk a fine line of not really being Draymond,” Green told Crawford. “And when I’m not really being myself, that’s not the best thing for this team.”

Green has long been considered the heartbeat of the Warriors’ dynasty; the fiery emotion that he often wears on his sleeve has been the driving force for him and the rest of the team for years. They need him to be loud and unfiltered. But Green has seemingly been walking on eggshells ever since a video of him punching Poole at an Oct. 5 practice went viral.

“He’s used to living right on the edge. And I think with what transpired, he’s had to kind of live a little further off of it,” general manger Bob Myers said.

Green said he’s fallen short of holding his teammates accountable.

“That’s something that I have to be better at, that I have to get back,” he said.

The Warriors went from having a top-two defense in the league last season to being an average unit this season. They’ve struggled to close out games, squandering double-digit leads in the second half of each of their last three games before Wednesday’s meeting with the Memphis Grizzlies.

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Kerr said the preseason incident has impacted the way Green communicates with the group.

“Draymond is still our leader, is still the guy who’s going to be vocal during games, during practice and he’s doing a great job of that,” Kerr said. “But I think his comments were basically he’s more self-conscious than he would have been because of that incident.”

After TMZ released the video of the punch, Green spent a week away from the team. When he did return, Green recognized that the lingering effects of his actions couldn’t just be swept under the rug. He said he was willing to put in the work, knowing that it would take time to mend what was broken by the force of his fist.

Myers said Green has done a good job of working to earn back his standing amongst the team. It’s ultimately up to the other players, though, to empower Green to be himself.

Green believes he still has the ears of the locker room and a pulse on the team, but he’s learned over the years to “filter things and pick and choose your spot.

“You got to feel situations out, and I take pride in that, and so I trust my feel,” Green said after Wednesday’s 122-120 win over the Grizzlies. “But as we get closer and closer down the stretch, all gloves are off. You got to do what you got to do to win and have a great season. So not too much to worry about right now. But I think as we get down the stretch, I’ll do more and more.”

With 34 games to go, Green believes there’s still time for the Warriors to get their season back on track. It’s not going to happen with a snap of two fingers, but Green will be instrumental in putting the team in positions to win especially as the season winds down.

“I don’t think it’s necessarily like we just not flipping a switch, I think it’s more so we have to really dive in on those things, starting with me,” he said on his podcast. “I have to be better at holding guys accountable and not stay hostage to the preseason situation — don’t let it hold me hostage because, in turn, it’s going to hold this team hostage, so I have to come out of that.

“I’ve been working to come out of that and I’m starting to turn a corner and I feel like when I turn a corner there, it will allow everyone else to turn a corner.”

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Barr Pressed Durham to Find Flaws in the Russia Investigation. It Didn’t Go Well.

N.Y. Times - 7 hours 26 min ago
The review by John Durham at one point veered into a criminal investigation related to Donald Trump himself, even as it failed to find wrongdoing in the origins of the Russia inquiry.
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NASA marks 20 years since space shuttle Columbia disaster

Seattle Times - 7 hours 27 min ago

NASA is marking the 20th anniversary of the space shuttle Columbia tragedy with somber ceremonies during its annual tribute to fallen astronauts.
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Judge puts new law policing doctors’ COVID speech on hold

San Jose Mercury - 7 hours 29 min ago

A federal judge has put a hold on a new California law aimed at combating disinformation spread by doctors about COVID-19 and the masks and vaccines public health authorities urge to protect against it, which critics called a suppression of free speech and professional judgment.

California physicians, some of whom practice in the Bay Area, sued over the law, AB 2098 by Assemblyman Evan Low, D-Cupertino, after Gov. Gavin Newsom signed it last fall, arguing it violates their free speech and due process rights.

“The provision is unconstitutionally vague,” U.S. District Judge William B. Shubb wrote in granting the doctors’ request for a preliminary injunction, citing likelihood they eventually will prevail in court. “Because COVID-19 is such a new and evolving area of scientific study, it may be hard to determine which scientific conclusions are ‘false’ at a given point in time.”

Attorney General Rob Bonta’s office had no immediate response.

Jenin Younes, a lawyer with the Washington, D.C. based New Civil Liberties Alliance, which is representing five of the doctors, said the law “seeks to punish California doctors for giving patients information that departs from the so-called contemporary scientific consensus about COVID.”

She added that it “creates an impossible standard for physicians to follow” and that the judge’s prompt ruling on the temporary injunction following a Monday hearing “no doubt reflects the significance of the constitutional problems the law presents.”

A separate lawsuit also was filed by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his Children’s Health Defense organization, which has questioned the COVID-19 vaccines, on behalf of Physicians for Informed Consent.

In urging passage of the law, which was co-sponsored by the California Medical Association, Low told lawmakers that “licensed physicians, doctors, and surgeons possess a high degree of public trust and therefore must be held accountable for the information they spread.”

He said questions publicly raised by licensed physicians in interviews and on social media were undermining public health messaging about the benefits of vaccines and face masks to control spread of the virus that causes COVID-19.

Newsom, in signing the bill, said that he was satisfied the law was “narrowly tailored to apply only to those egregious instances in which a licensee is acting with malicious intent or clearly deviating from the required standard of care while interacting directly with a patient.”

The five doctor plaintiffs include Ram Duriseti, an emergency physician at Stanford and Mills-Peninsula hospitals, and Tracy Beth Høeg, who are affiliated with the “Urgency of Normal” group that urged the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to end vaccine mandates and restrictive quarantines in schools.

Aaron Kheriaty, a private practitioner, testified on COVID policy before a Senate panel in January. Pete Mazolewski, a trauma surgeon at John Muir Health, said he helped popularize a once unorthodox approach to inflamed appendix treatment and argued many early COVID treatments will follow a similar trajectory.

Azadeh Khatibi, a Los Angeles physician, said she survived a life-threatening illness thanks to a doctor who was willing to deviate from standard treatment practices.

Critics of the law have argued that quarantines and mask mandates in schools do more harm than good to healthy children who face the least risk from the virus, and that vaccines mandates ignore benefits of immunity from prior infection and concerns about a rare heart inflammation side effect for the young.

The state has said it will mandate COVID-19 vaccines for school attendance starting this summer, though a bill that would have nixed personal-belief exemptions for those who don’t want the shots was pulled. Public health officials say the vaccines have proven overwhelmingly safe and effective in reducing risk of severe illness.


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‘The Atmosphere Was Joyful’: Monterey Park Survivor Captured Footage Minutes Before Shooting

N.Y. Times - 7 hours 30 min ago
Mike Zhang, 71, was filming videos of the Lunar New Year celebration at Star Ballroom Dance Studio on his phone just minutes before a gunman entered and killed 11 people on Jan. 21.
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49ers announce watch parties in Philadelphia, Bay Area, Mexico, England

San Jose Mercury - 7 hours 44 min ago

SANTA CLARA — Unwilling to fork over $1,146 for the average ticket to watch the 49ers in Philadelphia in the most expensive NFC Championship Game? Then the 49ers have a place for you to take your fandom elsewhere.

They’re hosting a fan “invasion” event in Philadelphia on Saturday with the chance to receive prizes, including two tickets to Sunday’s game at Lincoln Financial Field. That even will be held at across the street from the stadium, at Victory Beer Hall at Xfinity Live.

When the game kicks off Sunday there at 3 p.m. (ET), watch parties are set up in the Bay Area, Mexico and in England, at the following locations, starting an hour before kickoff:

San Jose Watch Party

San Pedro Social

163 W Santa Clara Street

San Jose, CA 95113

San Francisco Watch Party

The Crossing at East Cut

200 Folsom Street

San Francisco, CA 94105

Mexico City Watch Party

Pinche Gringo BBQ Warehouse

Lago Iseo 296

Anáhuac I Secc

Miguel Hidalgo, 11320

Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

Monterrey, MX Watch Party


Av. Diego Rivera 1000

Zona San Agustin

66269 Monterrey, N.L., Mexico

UK Watch Party

Elland Road

(Leeds United Stadium)

Beeston, Leeds LS11 0ES UK

More information and registration is available on the 49ers’ official Facebook site.

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Missouri Senate GOP backs bills on transgender children

Seattle Times - 7 hours 45 min ago

The leader of Missouri's state Senate says Republican senators are unified against letting transgender girls play on girls' sports teams.
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